आयुष्मान कार्ड के द्वारा आपरेशन इत्यादि एवं डायलिसिसि की सुविधा उपलब्ध है।


More than a million women across the world contracts Endometriosis in their lifetime.
Exact nature of endometriosis hasn’t been determined, although the symptoms are invisible, but the condition is associated with an acute pain in the pelvic region. Before comprehending endometriosis, one must know what endometrium means, it is the mucus lining of the womb or uterus.
The endometrium would get rekindled throughout the menstrual cycle. When the woman gets pregnant, the endometrium would get thickened and is supplied with vasculature, however if the woman does not get pregnant the endometrium tends to shed, that is the reason for menstrual bleeding.

Endometriosis is the abnormal growth of endometrial tissue, on the outer region of the uterus unlike normal. The endometrial growths that are found ectopic (outside) the normal region are termed as endometrial implants.


These implants are usually found on the surface of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and bowel or on the linings of the pelvic region.


Undoubtedly! Endometriosis can be an exasperating one, as it may affect the ability of pregnancy; it is believed that one third of the women encounters trouble with fertility and also striving for pregnancy due to endometriosis, so it must be taken in a firm note. As the lesions attack the womb there can be a problem for pregnancy, but some believe that the symptoms of endometriosis subside during their pregna

In general, 30 percent of the women suffering with endometriosis encounters pregnancy problems. Some of the reasons include:
  • Egg quality compromise
  • Scarring of ovaries and the tubes
  • Motility of the embryo in traversing down the tube
  • Inappropriate implantation of the embryo to the uterine wall
  • Blockage of the fallopian tubules
  • Modifications in the pelvic organs due to adherence and scarring
  • For Endometriosis, there is no general cure; however on the flip side, for the treatment for endometriosis there involves a surgical excision of the lesions. If the lesions are being untreated, it may branch up into severe complications such as formation of cysts and pelvic adhesions.
    In rare cases they may continue to delve further and proceed into other body parts, such as abdomen, lungs and rarely brain.

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